Reviews of Soldiers of Song:


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Reviews of Jim in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead:


“The leads (Jim Armstrong as Rosencrantz and Andrew Knowlton as Guildenstern*) may seem somewhat bland by comparison, but the play is stronger for it. The gentlemen do a fine job of capturing confusion, desperation, fear and dread without allowing it to become maudlin or melodramatic. They are the purest part of the show, and while they get some moments of slapstick—befitting the Laurel & Hardy setup—they still deliver the emotional core of the show with memorable precision and skill.”  Mike Anderson, Mooney on Theatre.


“Jim Armstrong and Andrew Knowlton (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, respectively) do a fantastic job of portraying the puzzled pair and outdo each other with memorable monologues. Armstrong conveys Rosencrantz’ fear of death and mortality in the second act so well that it gave the audience chills.” Meaghan Collins, Plaid Magazine.


“Rosencrantz (played by hilarious Jim Armstrong) is an animated, curious character … Armstrong and Knowlton stand out as the title characters, effortlessly delivering every line from the complicated script.”  Victoria Begin, Theatromania.


“Jim Armstrong and Andrew Knowlton deftly take on the play’s title roles. While the dialogue in Stoppard’s play has the potential to be hefty and overwrought, Armstrong and Knowlton dance through their lines, not letting the audience miss a laugh. Their chemistry is enchanting as they comfort one another, get frustrated with each other, contemplate free will, fate, and chance, and comically express their exasperation about the sheer incomprehensibility of both Hamlet and the world around them.”  Danielle Klein, The Varsity.


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