The classic sidekick or everyman, Jim Armstrong is loveable, awkward and smart. Well suited to both Comedy and Drama, he's like a less abrasive Jonah Hill, or a Seth Rogan (without the pot). He could have stepped in for Sean Astin as Samwise Gamgee in the Lord of the Rings movies.


With the kind of open heart we can't help but love to watch break (like that accident video on YouTube), Jim is the girl's best friend who wants to be something more, but still helps her out with her relationship troubles. He's the supportive sidekick who'll stand by the hero no matter what, but is the only one who can put the hero in their place when they step over the line. Or he's the loveable slacker who never seems to get his shit together, only to come through in a pinch at the end, showing he'd been underestimated all along.


On a medical drama, he's the quirky young doctor with the out-there idea that actually saves the patient's life. On a science fiction show, he's the everyman who shows how the larger-than-life situations in the world affect the real people, day by day.





Jim Armstrong is a classically trained actor currently living in Toronto, Ontario.


He began his acting career at the age of ten in a production of A Christmas Carol at the Ottawa Little Theatre. Having fallen in love with the theatre, Jim enrolled in the Drama program at Canterbury, Ottawa's arts high school. A few years later, he was being classically trained at the University of Windsor where he received his BFA in Acting.


Upon graduation in 2006, Jim moved to Toronto where he has been making a name for himself with various theatre companies. 


Some select theatre credits include Ambituoso in Cousins of Corsica for Springworks 2015, Rosencrantz in Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead (Hart House Theatre), General Dearborne in The Loyalists (Single Thread Theatre), and Fabian in Twelfth Night (Canopy Theatre). Jim plays a soldier-entertainer with the group Soldiers of Song, a tribute to WWI Canadian Concert Party The Dumbells, where he brings new life to historical comedy sketches and songs. Outside of the theatre, Jim has been seen as an insulted husband on Man Seeking Woman, and angrily trying to board a streetcar in the Murdoch Mysteries.


Photo by Chris Frampton